Mary Davidek

January 10th, 2013

How do you measure a year?

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As 2012 came to a close and we rang in another year of new beginnings, fresh starts and clean slates, I reflected on the past 365 days.  How did 2012 Measure up?  Did I live each day to the fullest or did I just do time?

Each January first we receive a one-year sentence and thus begin the process of turning the proverbial page on birthdays, dentist appointments, holidays, and oil changes—they all come and go with the steady turn of months.  Is this the measure of a year?  Flipping pages…simply doing time.

What about grapes?  How will the 2012 vintage measure in Napa Valley? Here at Castello di Amorosa, amidst the sprawling vineyards of Napa Valley, the concept of measuring time takes on a richer, more flavorful meaning. With near-idyllic weather conditions dominating the growing season, vintage 2012 shows great promise.  We will know the extent of this hopeful success in the years ahead when we taste the matured wine.  Until then we will keep watch on this cellared expectation as we sample from the barrels…and wait.  I recall tasting the 2009 Il Barone just a few years ago.  Drawn from the barrel the young Cabernet was tannic, aggressive, almost abrasive in its blatant immaturity.  Last month I pulled the cork on a bottle and the seductive notes of black cherry and licorice jumped from the bottle.  The once angry tannins are settling into a presentation of refined strength.  Time has served it well. This metamorphosis, guided by the hands of time and the expertise of winemakers, encapsulates the true measure of a year in Napa Valley.

From today forward, this is how I will measure my years… my vintages.  How do I know if 2012 was a success?  There are beautiful memories and experiences that I will savor for years to come as well as “learning moments” that I cannot say, that at this time, I can look upon so fondly. Perhaps in a few years, I will look back fully able to appreciate and comprehend all I experienced in 2012.

Before this full potential can be realized, however, it needs to do some time.

Happy New Year
Mary Davidek, C.S., C.S.W

Merlot Napa Valley