Rooms of Castello di Amorosa

“In my mind, everything had to be authentic, or it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Faking it in any way might be all right for others, but I would know the difference, making it a failed attempt to explore my passion for medieval architecture. You simply can’t build an ‘old structure’ using modern techniques and tools. It would look fake, and everyone would realize it’s an imitation. Rather, we were going to build the structure – within the limits of the current building code – using the same techniques medieval builders had relied on eight hundred years ago.”

– Dario Sattui

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Great Hall

For that decadent multi-course meal or when the Knights come in for that rowdy Medieval banquet, the Baron of the Castle entertains in the Great Hall and now so can you. With its hand-painted Italian frescoes, and the 500 year-old Umbrian fireplace, the Great Hall is the Castello’s most prestigious and most sought after room.

Great Hall

Grand Barrel Room

At 12,000 square feet, the Grand Barrel Room is an architectural masterpiece with its 40 ribbed, Roman cross-vaults all constructed from ancient brick shipped from Europe. This room includes a 40 foot, hand crafted travertine tasting bar and is our largest room for entertaining – perfect for your large event!

Grand Barrel Room

The Main Courtyard

The 13th century Courtyard is located in the heart of the Castle and is surrounded by walls of hand-squared stone and ancient brick, Tuscan-style breezeways and loggias. Courtyards were the center life in any Medieval palace, so it remains for your event; central, picturesque stunning. Vibrant during the day but majestic and regal at night, a unique wine and food pairing - alfresco - awaits you.

Courtyard Castello di Amorosa

Upper Loggia

The loggias were inspired by those at Locanda dell'Amorosa, which also help to inspire our name. At nearly 4,00 square feet the upper courtyard can accommodate five hundred people for a sit down event.

Accessible During Events and Food & Wine Pairing

Upper Loggia

Il Passito Room

The secluded and lavish Il Passito Room, perched high above the Courtyard, sets you apart from the Castle’s daily grind. It normally functions as our Wine Club Member’s room Friday through Sunday; however, it is available for private events during weekdays or evening hours. This room has the capacity to host private tastings for large groups as well as wine and food pairings.

Club Members Room

The Chapel

In the medieval ages, the Chapel was often one of the first structures built and was an essential part of any Castle. Although our permit does not allow us to hold weddings at the Castle, we do have a beautiful Chapel. The Chapel is often used as a gathering place for guests heading off to tour the Castle or as an inclement weather option.


Royal Apartment

For an experience parallel to none, the Royal Apartment allows a unique, intimate and opulent encounter for small gatherings, and is regularly used for our Royal Food and Wine Pairing Tour. This is an area of the Castello rarely seen by the public, but can be exclusively available to you. The Royal Apartment can accommodate small seated wine and food pairings, or if used in conjunction with the Royal Loggia, an intimate standing soirée.

Royal Appartment


With breathtaking views of the Napa Valley, Calistoga and Mount St. Helena, the Terrace offers a beautiful open air gathering place ideally nestled between the crenellated Castle towers. A perfect location for wine and canapé receptions accommodating, or an ideal area for alfresco wine and food pairings.

Castle Terrace

South Tower

Elevated high above the daily grind of the Castle, is one of our most quaint and private locations. With picturesque 360° views of the Napa Valley and the Castle below, this platform at the highest point of the castle.

Not Accessible To The Public

North Tower


Located just inside the drawbridge entrance is our Castaldo. Responsible for booking tours and making sure the guest have a seamless experience once arriving at Castello di Amorosa.

Check In Upon Arrival

Castle Castaldo

Vittorio's Room

Welcome to Vittorio's Room. This room is dedicated to Dario's great grandfather, Vittorio Sattui, a pioneer winemaker in California who made wine in his converted bakery from 1885 to 1920. The wine bottles, some of which still contain wine, are over 125 years old.

Wine Library

Creating a legacy for the next generation. We store our finest vintage wines in our wine library. Once a year we select a very limited number of bottles to be stored in our Wine Library. The relatively constant temperature, high humidity and stillness of these cellar rooms provide the perfect environment for aging bottled wines.

Wine Library

Tasting Room

No tour is complete without a visit to Castello's Main Tasting Room. Travel down the stairs from the Courtyard and you'll be transported into another world. Roman cross-vaulted brick ceilings combined with Italian travertine tasting bars serve to enhance your wine tasting experience. Like the rest of the Castello it's all hand-made including the world class wine surrounding you as you enjoy the tasting experience. Please check out the unique, one-of-a-kind gifts from Italy and the heart-healthy, antioxidant-loaded grapeseed oil.

Tasting Room

The Knight's Chamber

The room features a series of frescoes by Luca Ferrotti, the artist who painted the canvases in the Il Passito Room. The room was designed to be a whispering gallery. If you stand beside one of the columns, you can whisper something and a person on the other side of the forty-two-foot-wide room will be able to hear you perfectly. Whispering galleries were deliberately built into some castles so that conversations could be overheard from a distance.

The Knight's Chamber

Fermentation Room

This room is used by our Winemaking team and features a bevy of specialized tools. The space contains fermentation tanks used in our Red, White and Rosé wine production.

The Torture Chamber

The Torture Chamber represents Dario Sattui's vision for Castello di Amorosa - every last detail must be authentic! Additionally, virtually all castles in Europe had prisons and torture chambers. Take the tour and you'll see the an original Iron Maiden or The, "Virgin of Nuremberg".

Torture Chamber

The Armory

In the Armory, you'll find suits of armor and weapons dating back hundreds of years. You can't miss the Pit of Despair, a dungeon cell with an opening at the top!

Hidden Rooms & Passages

True to the medieval time, we have an assortment of secret rooms & passageways throughout the Castle.

Not Accessible To The Public

Hidden Spaces

Vineyard Chapel

On your way up to The Castello you will notice a small building in the vineyard. This is known as our vineyard chapel.

Visible on The Way Up To The Castle


Sunken Courtyard

This deep and rustic open air courtyard is set within the confines of the Castle ramparts. Typically cooler and more shaded than our other open air venues, this spot shields your view of the modern world around you. Ideal for receptions up to 80 and seated luncheons. Although passers by may be able to sneak a peek at your special occasion, rest assured they will never and their way to this hidden jewel.

Available for Private Events

Castello di Amorosa Hidden Places

Il Passito Patio

Just outside of our Il Passito Room is this hidden gem of the Castello. This secluded terrace has views of our hilltop watchtower as well as our crush pad below. It is also only a few steps from our own Lake Mario. Enjoy an outdoor grill event on our built in barbecue, a simple luncheon, or an open air reception. Open to the hillside, but off-limits to most patrons of the Castello, it boasts some of the best sunset views in the Diamond Mountain region.

Our Members Only Area


Lake Mario

Set at the most distant part of the property and off-limits to daily guests lays a lush, green location for your next casual outdoor private wine education event. Our rustic, moss-covered stone bridge leads you to existing picnic table seating, with additional seating available to allow even more useable space for guests. With the Castello in the background, nature surrounds you as you are serenaded by local wildlife. There is no other location like this on our property.

Not Accessible to The Public

Lake Mario