“Our grape juice is made only from fresh, premium-quality wine grapes. This is the way real grape juice tastes, superior in aroma and flavor.”

Brooks Painter Signature

– Director of Winemaking, Brooks Painter

Napa Valley’s Best Natural Grape Juice

Castello di Amorosa’s Director of Winemaking, Brooks Painter’s career spans more than 40 years. During that time, he’s made hundreds of wines, but making white grape juice strikes a special chord, “I have a passion for making grape juice that uses the same grapes that go into our wines,” explained Painter. “The making of a quality grape juice that truly expresses the fruit and flavor of the grape is a challenge, but when the result is a product that is true to the varietal aromas and flavors, I’m happy!” “My challenge,” said Painter, “was to make a grape juice from the same grape that was sensitive of the varietal with its flowery fruit and attractive flavors. It’s intensely aromatic, just like the wine.”

“Our grape juice was made in much the same way as our wine. We harvest a few days early to provide a base of acidity. The clusters are hand-harvested, delivered to the crush pad where they are destemmed, pressed and then the juice is chilled to about 32. The big difference is we don’t add yeast to convert the grape sugars to alcohol. We skip that step, and the result is a great alternative to wine which has surprising age-ability of up to 4 years. This grape juice is a special addition to your cellar, nature’s true nectar, artfully crafted and delicious for years to come. Stock-up today.”

Grape Juice Mocktails

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Muscat Mingle

This honey-laced, light-and lemony Muscat mocktail is the perfect refreshing summer sipper.

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Sparkling Sangria

An effervescent blend of Castello Sparkling Red Grape Juice, kombucha, and citrus juices.

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VGM (Virgin Gewürztraminer Mojito):

Layered with crushed mint leaves and fresh lime with vibrant notes of Gewurztraminer Grape Juice.

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Grapefruit Muscat Mule

A refreshing blend of muscat juice and spicy ginger beer, with a zesty grapefruit twist.

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The Sparkler

Offering a refreshing blend of tartness from the lemon juice, sweetness from the grape juices, and herbal notes from the thyme.

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Gewurz Mock Colada

Transport your taste buds to paradise, blending Gewurztraminer Grape Juice with refreshing coconut water, fresh pineapple chunks, and a squeeze of lime.

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Muscat Canelli

Our classic Muscat Canelli Grape Juice is a fan favorite, a sweet non-alcoholic treat.  Made from 100% Muscat Canelli wine grapes, this is not your grocery store white grape juice!  Wine grapes make a more flavorful aromatic white grape juice naturally.

Lucas & Lewellan Vineyard

Alcohol %: Zero


Sparkling Red Blend

Our Sparkling Red Blend Grape Juice is a blend that changes each vintage depending on varietals. A sweet and refreshing non-alcoholic red grape juice made from Syrah wine grapes, with a pleasant spritziness which adds an invigorating twist to this delicate premium grape juice.

Tamayo Vineyard

Alcohol %: Zero


Gewürztraminer Grape Juice

Our newest addition is our Gewürztraminer Grape Juice. Made from our award winning Gewurztraminer wine grapes, this is not your grocery store white grape juice! Fresh aromas of lychee and apricot are highlighted by a candied ginger finish.

Anderson Valley Estate Vineyard

Alcohol %: Zero


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As a fresh product, which hasn’t been pasteurized
Made from the same premium quality grapes that go into the making of Castello di Amorosa’s wines
Expresses the fruit and flavor of the varietal through aroma and taste
Surprising ageability: the juices last and improve for up to two years, with delicious maturation of the aromas and flavors