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There is always something going on at the Castello. New winemaking equipment, animal babies, wine club events, harvest updates, or stories back from the days when the castle was just a sketch on a piece of paper. We invite you into our castle life by sharing these stories. Enjoy reading!

Salmon with…

Salmon is exceptionally wine friendly; the chameleon of the sea when looking for the perfect pairing.

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Cinco De Mayo Meets Cinque di Maggio

Italy meets Mexico with Mary's delicious Cinco de Mayo food and wine pairings.

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Maui (re) Visited

Mary's Maui vacation reflections and a delicious seafood salad dressing

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Sonoma County Vineyard

Terra de Promissio – Checkmate Castello

Pinot Noir is most certainly the reigning queen from Sonoma. And, just like the game of chess……it is the queen who takes the game.

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