Welcome to Our Blog!

There is always something going on at the Castello. New winemaking equipment, animal babies, wine club events, harvest updates, or stories back from the days when the castle was just a sketch on a piece of paper. We invite you into our castle life by sharing these stories. Enjoy reading!

Welcome to our Home – Part 1

See behind the scenes with team Castello and watch as our staff teaches you their favorite recipes.

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La Fantasia

La Fantasia Summer – Chilled Rosé Wine Drink Recipe

Summer is time for cool refreshing La Fantasia 'cause baby...it's hot outside!

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Have Wine Will Travel—oh the places you will go!

Mary shares her secrets for ensuring every bottle you travel with arrives safely at its destination

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Salmon with…

Salmon is exceptionally wine friendly; the chameleon of the sea when looking for the perfect pairing.

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