Snow Day

Castello di Amorosa

February 28th, 2023

Snow at The Castle

Snow Day!

A rare snowstorm hit Napa County early Friday morning! The occurrence marks only the second time it snowed at the Castle since opening in 2007. The snow made for a marvelous winter scene in the early morning hours.

Besides our animals staying in their pens for a bit longer in the morning, not much was effected at The Castle. At this time of year, snow poses no risk to our grapevines. Vines are dormant in their annual hibernation between fall’s harvest and the bud break in spring. During this time, the snow is just another form of water to the grapevine.

Napa Valley’s average elevation is just a few hundred feet above sea level, making the snow that much more of a rarity. Some wineries located in the higher elevations got up to a foot of snow. A drive through Wine Country looked more like a trip through Tahoe than wine country.

Snow at The Castle

Freezing Temperatures

While there were record low temperatures posted across California. The storm caused both power outages, fallen trees, downed power lines and road closures across Napa Valley. A low temperature of 27 degrees was reached on Thursday the 23rd, turning the Napa Valley into a winter wonderland.

Snow at The Castle of Love