The Freshest Olive Oil in Napa Valley

Bradley Aden

February 13th, 2020

Olio Nuovo – Our Freshest Olive Oil

Straight off the presses! Experience the difference fresh makes, an Italian culinary tradition that is hundreds of years old. Olio Nuovo (which means, new oil) differs from your typical Olive Oil. Taken straight from the press this freshly pressed oil has all the natural flavors left inside the oil. Don’t get left without our amazing hand picked olive oil from our Castle team. Cold Pressed under 50 degrees, harvested locally from the Castello’s own estate vineyard. These freshly pressed oils have a robust taste and polyphenols galore. In short, olio nuovo is olive oil in its most intense, raw state. Here at the Castle, we are one of the first in the Napa Valley to sell Olio Nuovo.

Made exclusively from olives harvested at our own Morning Dew Ranch estate property in the Anderson Valley, Mendocino County. These mature olive trees grow on a small patch of sloped hillside adjacent to some of the Castello’s most prized Pinot Noir vines. Under the watchful eyes and with the help of both our Winemaker and Vineyard Manager, the harvest was done by hand on a single foggy morning, by the same dedicated team that cares for our grapevines on the secluded and serene ranch. Check out our video below!

Our Olio Nuovo is used best as a finishing oil and a dipping oil; enjoy it drizzled on salads, pasta, salami and cheese, or over grilled meat or fish. Delicious simply as a dip with salt and bread. It is only available seasonally, for a limited time.

“We wish we could sell Olio Nuovo all year, but the tiny olive particles that give the oil vibrant flavors must be filtered out so that our EVOO can be bottled and enjoyed throughout the year. Limited availability, get it before it sells out! Olive Oil at its freshest and boldest! “

– Castello President Georg Salzner

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