David Bejar, Vineyard Manager

David Béjar brings over 40 years of experience to Castello di Amorosa.  Born in Michoacán, Uruapan, David was just 8 years old when he began picking at one of Ensenada’s oldest wineries.  David’s father died when David was 11 years old, so he took up boxing at $8.00 a fight to supplement the family income. At the age of 16, after immigrating to the United States, he began work as a tractor driver in Santa Rosa and continued to work his way up in the wine industry.

Recruited by Dario Sattui in 1996, Béjar now manages over 300 acres of vineyards.  He is responsible for the sustainable and organic vineyard practice and provides the projections for the size of the harvest each season.

Every year, the North Bay Business Journal acknowledges leading individuals and businesses from across the wine, beer, and spirits industries in the region. We are thrilled that David Béjar was awarded Vineyard Manager of the year in 2018.