The Chapel

In the medieval ages, the Chapel was often one of the first structures built and was an essential part of any Castle. Although our permit does not allow us to hold weddings at the Castle, we do have a beautiful Chapel. The Chapel is often used as a gathering place for guests heading off to tour the Castle or as an inclement weather option. The 18th Century confessional was imported from Europe. Any reasonable Chapel should have their own Confessional.

Large wooden cross beams were used to support the room. True to Tuscan Chapel style. Giorgioa Mariana constructed unique wooden doors and windows found throughout the building, which feature iron hinges and fixtures. 42 such doors are implemented throughout the Castle. Using plaster on interior walls of the main chambers is architecturally correct, anyone with wealth in the middle ages would have plastered over stone walls as a demonstration of financial status. Plastering the walls also gave us the opportunity to incorporate frescoes.

Medieval frescoes by Monika Limart, who came from Chile to do the work. The paintings were inspired by actual medieval church frescoes. Our latest addition is Taddeo di Bartolo’s “Hell”, Painted by Fabio Sanzogni. Created in 1493 by Taddeo di Bartolo in San Gimignano and includes various depictions of the gruesome torments to be suffered by those who commit and of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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