The Composition of The Castle

Austrian Friedrich Fritz Gruber would would go on to supply 800,000 of bricks used to construct Castello di Amorosa. More than 170 shipping containers. The bricks themselves are sandstones which are used to give the Castello a more refined look. Bricks were mostly from old structures and paving stones in Europe. Staying true to the medieval period. Different types of stones were used throughout Castle, in order to convey the idea that discrete rooms, walls and windows had been constructed during success eras. For 4 years, as many as 17 masons chiseled stone that were then used to erect the outer walls towers and inner rooms.

Fritz Gruber was responsible for much of the roman cross-vault work throughout the Castle. A large amount of Grubers brick were used in the grand barrel room, which boats forty Roman Cross-Vaults.

Many of the lighting fixtures are of hand forged iron and designed to resemble sconces and candelabras. Almost all made by Giorgioa Mariana. Giorgio created iron fixtures and fitments. Including gates, chain links, lamps, sconces, flagpoles, door and window hardware.

The rough bored caves extend some 2,500 feet nearly half a mile, into the hillside on two levels. We constructed these underground passages to give our wine the perfect environment for aging. Needs a cool constant temperature, high humidity and relative stillness.

Hand-wrought iron-work was almost done exclusively by the incomparable Italian blacksmith Giorgio Mariani.

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